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Coolant Technician – 2nd Shift

Escanaba, MI
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Job Description
Assembly: Escanaba, MI


Responsible for cleaning and maintaining equipment and areas of EMP buildings and grounds. Perform troubleshooting and handle chemicals and coolants.


Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Analyze and test machine coolant supply to ensure quality.
  • Inspect parts washer operation to guarantee smooth performance.
  • Handle storage and distribution of acids and caustics.
  • Devise appropriate strategies to solve faulty chemical circulation situations.
  • Distribution of chemical supplies.
  • Maintain shop coolant operations with little to no supervision.
  • Troubleshoot coolant issues with no supervision.
  • Document and track coolant and chemical usage.
  • Assemble piping and valves for parts washers and wastewater treatment utilities.
  • Redistribute chemical solution to parts washer.
  • Replace faulty and insufficient hoses and pipelines in machines and parts washers.
  • Operates sump sucker to clean machines, parts washers, and other assorted wastewater collection priorities.
  • Neutralizes and removes acidic and alkaline spills.
  • Service and replace building utility components.
  • Troubleshoot engine components to allow normal operation.
  • Deconstruct coolant centrifuge for regular maintenance.
  • Operate scissor lift for vent obstructions, fan motor work, overhead pipe issues, etc.
  • Remove obstructions and foreign objects in machine interiors.
  • Assist in plant floor reconfiguration.
  • Collection and disposal of shop floor waste.
  • Maintain sump conditions of Henry filters through chemicals and buildup removal.
  • Maintain air filtration and air cooling systems.
  • Monitor quality of solutions in machines and parts washers.
  • Preserve shop appearance and cleanliness.
  • Emergency clean up.
  • Seasonal snow removal and prevention of ice-buildup.
  • Other duties may be assigned.


High School Diploma or GED


*Indicates Required Field