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High Voltage Initiative

Space availability in commercial EVs is a limited resource. OEM’s are challenged to create the maximum amount of space for battery packs to increase power and range while remaining under weight limits and packaging dimensions.  More efficient thermal management systems remove redundant componentry to allow for increased battery architecture. The chance to fit even one more battery pack could be the key to an OEM’s competitive edge. EMP saw this opportunity for improvements in durability, power, and efficiency to heavy duty high-voltage systems and answered the call.

Save space for power

Improved Architecture

HV components can create under-hood space in several ways, but the most notable is the elimination of DC-to-DC converters. Due to its power and heat output, a converter dedicated to the cooling system typically requires its own cooling. Removing that converter not only eliminates its own weight and added wiring complexity, but it also removes the additional cooling system.

Made for Commercial Applications

Our heavy-duty components are built for the harshest conditions.  Machined in house, EMP’s high voltage components are designed specifically for commercial and off-road vehicle use.

Certifications and Specs

All of our high voltage components will be designed as a “Safety Element out of Context” (SEooC) and will also conform to the following specifications..

  • ISO 26262 QM
  • LV123
  • MBN 11123
  • ISO 21498

The Future of High Voltage

The world of electric vehicles, and the technology running them, is evolving every day.  To stay ahead of vehicle needs, EMP is already working to develop the next generation of high voltage components and integrations.

  • 17″ and 19″ HV Fan
  • 31″ HV Fan
  • HV Water Pump

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Is High Voltage Right for Me?

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