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Model: ERAC

Electrified Remote AC

The EMP Electric Remote Air Conditioning Condenser provides up to 14.5 kW of cooling capacity. This rugged AC condenser increases fuel efficiency and improves vehicle performance by reducing parasitic load on the engine. The Remote AC System is Made in the USA using high performance brushless DC electric fans. Perfect for most day cab and sleeper cab trucks, the Remote AC Condenser was designed to meet OEM-level pull down and continuous cooling specifications.

Front View
Installed View

Features & Benefits

EMP FiL Brushless Electric Fans

All Electrified Remote Air Conditioning Condensers feature EMP FiL fans. EMP FiL electric fans are brushless, controllable, reversible, and built from cast aluminum shrouds that can withstand even the harshest environments. Click here to learn more about EMP's FiL fans.


Type Specification Description
Cooling Capacity 27.2 kBTU/h - Day Cab
49.5 kBTU/h - Sleeper Cab
Overal Package Weight (Without Fluid) 40 lbs. - Day Cab
60 lbs. - Sleeper Cab
Heat Exchanger Material Aluminum
Shroud Material Steel
Operating Temperature -22° F to 140° F
Refrigerant r134A
Fan Configuration Single FiL-11 - Day Cab
Single FiL-15 - Sleeper Cab
Voltage 12 Volts
Max Current 30 Amps
Max Continuous Operating Pressure 400 PSI


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The following kit options are available for this product. Any combination of options below can be choosen to configure the kit to your needs.

Day Cab Sleeper Cab
Fan Options
12 V FiL-11 24 V FiL-11 12 V FiL-15 24 V FiL-15
On/Off PWM J1939 CAN Pressure Sensor EMP-Link


Class 8 Day Cab

ERAC System Used on Class 8 Day Cab Truck

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