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Model: Mini-Hybrid®

Mini-Hybrid® Electric Cooling System: Transit Bus

The Mini-Hybrid® Cooling System is the original advanced cooling system that replaces the out dated mechanical cooling system for engine/vehicle cooling. The Mini-Hybrid® Cooling System entered the market in 2006 in the transit bus market as a concept and by 2010, the Mini-Hybrid® Cooling System is the standard cooling system used by transit bus manufacturers in North America.

The Mini-Hybrid® is ideal for retrofitting/refurbishing existing transit fleets. Benefits include better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs, improved safety by elimination of hydraulic leaks or fires, and improved emissions.

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Features & Benefits

EMP FiL-11 Brushless Electric Fan

Mini-Hybrid® systems feature the EMP FiL-11 fan. This electric fan is brushless, variable speed, reversible, and built from a cast aluminum shroud that can withstand even the harshest environments.


Type Specification Description
Construction Aluminum Bar/Plate Heat Exchanger
Aluminum Fans with Plastic Finger Guard
Steel Monocoque Structure
Rated Voltage 18 - 32 Volts
Rated Current 215 - 315 Amps (280 - 450 HP engines)
Max Air Flow Range 12,000 to 18,000 CFM
Coolant Flow Range Up to 120 GPM
Ambient Operating Temperature -40° to 130° F
Storage Temperature -58° to 221° F
Size Various system to select from base on application
Weight 300 to 500 lbs.

Bus Platforms

Bus Bus Year Model Bus Length Engine Engine Year Fuel
New Flyer 2010+ Xcelsior 35/40/60 All 2010+ All
1998-2013 LF 40/60 1998-2013 All
Pre-2002 HF 60 Pre-2007 All Non-H
NABI 2010+ LF 31/35/40 All 2010+ All
Compo 45
BRT 42/60
2007-2009 LF 40 All 2007-2009 All
Compo 45
BRT 42/60
Pre-2007 LF 40 ISL/DDC S50 Pre-2007 All
Gillig 2010+ All 29/35/40 All 2010+ All
2007-2009 LF 35/40 All 2007-2009 All
2004.5-2007 HF Phantom 40 ISL 280 Pre-2007 Diesel
2004.5-2006 LF 35/40 All 2004.5-2006 All
Pre-2004.5 LF 29/35/40 All Pre-2004.5 All
ElDorado 2010+ AXESS / EZR / XHF 30/35/40 All 2010+ All
2009 EZR 35 ISB 280 2007 Diesel
2006 EZR 30 ISL 280 2006 Diesel
2004 EZR 30 ISL 280 2004 Diesel
Orion 2010+ VII 32/35/40 ISB / ISL 280 2010+ All
2005 ISL 320 Pre-2007 CNG
2002-2004+ All Pre-2007 All
Nova 2002-2008 LF 35/40 All Pre-2007 All Non-H
2004-2009 ATUQ Side Mount 40
Neoplan 2002 40 ISL 2007 Diesel
Liberty Lines 60 DDC S60 2002
Designline 2010+ ISL 320 2010+ CNG
Prevost 2005 H3-45 45 DDC S60 2006 Diesel
MCI 2010-2012 D4500 ISL 380 2010 Diesel
2003-2006 DDC S60 2003
2002 DDC S60 2002

Engine Platforms

Mini-Hybrid® systems are certified on the following engines:

Engine Make Model
Cummins ISB ISC C Gas
C Gas Plus ISL ISL Gas
Detroit Diesel DDC Series 40 DDC Series 50 DDC Series 50 Gas
DDC Series 60 DDC Series 60 Gas
Doosan GLK11 Gas
John Deere 6068H Gas
Caterpillar C9 C10
Navistar International Maxx Force 9


The following kit options are available for this product. Any combination of options below can be choosen to configure the kit to your needs.

Voltage Configuration
12V 24V Push Pull
Engine Compartment Temp Control Engine Temp Control Independent Circuit Temp Control (RAD, CAC, Trans, etc.)
Hybrid Motor Cooling E-Coated Heat Exchangers Power Connection: Type & Location

Downloads & Documents

The following documents are available for this product. Please feel free to download to obtain additional product information.

Where It's Used

The Mini-Hybrid® system is used in over 500 different municipalities and in over 8,000 different buses. Below are a few of the transit authorities that currently use the EMP Mini-Hybrid® system.

Product History & Evolution

Generation I

The original Mini-Hybrid® comprised of 11" fans with individual fan controllers. A CS20 controller with discrete sensors for temperature control helped keep the engine at the perfect operating temperature.

Generation II

Introduced in 2009, the GEN II Mini-Hybrid® had performance improvements via FiL-11 Fans with fully integrated controllers, a new improved TMC system controller, and LIN communication.

Generation III

Introduced in 2011, the GEN III Mini-Hybrid® had greater performance including a 1-piece welded assembly shroud and removable fans for individual serviceability.

Generation IV

Launched in 2015, the GEN IV Mini-Hybrid® offers a simplified wiring harness for better performance, and a combination of FiL-11 11" fans and FiL-15 15" fans, as needed.