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Model: Mini-Hybrid®

Mini-Hybrid® Electric Cooling System: Refuse Vehicles

EMP's Advanced Technology - a state-of-the-art cooling solution - is a proven capability being used by America's largest fleets. The Mini-Hybrid® after-market system efficiently manages engine temperature and debris, thereby maximizing the uptime of your fleet. EMP's unique Mini-Hybrid® electric fan design outperforms mechanical fans resulting in significant fuel savings through reduction of parasitic load. The Mini-Hybrid®'s fully reversible fans are proven to keep radiators clean requiring virtually no preventative maintenance.

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Features & Benefits

Heat Exchanger Cleanout

Air flow can be reversed periodically as a part of routine vehicle maintenance. This helps keep the heat exchanger cooling fins free of debris and functioning properly. Fan reverse can be controlled by a manual push button, as a timed event, by ignition on or by J1939 request.

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