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Model: RPP

Remote Power Pack

The EMP Remote Power Pack is the ideal solution for commercial vehicles that require auxiliary electrical power. Uniquely designed for refrigerated trucks/trailers, work trucks, and emergency vehicles, the chassis mounted RPP provides up to 16.8kW without using precious engine compartment space. The RPP mounts directly to the vehicle frame and utilizes the transmission power take off (PTO) to drive a EMP brushless alternator.

Front View

Features & Benefits

High Reliability Brushless Alternator

The RPP uses EMP's 28V Power 450 or Power 535 brushless alternators. The EMP alternators offer high efficiency and have oversized bearings for robustness and long life. With over 20,000 units in the field, EMP alternators have been proven since 2008.


Type Specification Description
Voltage 28 VDC
Maximum Current @ Engine Idle (700 RPM) 150A @ 20° C Stabilized Per SAE J56 - Power 450
170A @ 20° C Stabilized Per SAE J56 - Power 535
Maximum Current @ Peak Power (1800 RPM) 425A @ 20° C Stabilized Per SAW J56 - Power 450
490A @ 20° C Stabilized Per SAW J56 - Power 535
PTO Speed Ratio 1:1
PTO Shaft Rotation Same as Engine Crankshaft
Ambient Temp Range -40°C to 65°C
Storage Temp Range -40°C to 80°C
Weight (Including Alternator) 160 lbs.


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Voltage Mounting
28V Configurable Custom Brackets
Alternator Accessories
Power 450 Power 535 Voltage Regulator Harness


More Power

Any application requiring more power is perfect for EMP's Remote Power Pack. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Refuse Vehicles
  • Military
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Refrigerated Trucks

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