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Model: TK3

TK3 Thermal System

EMP's TK3 is a three-fan system capable of rejecting up to 200,000 Btu/hr. Each system is ideal as a primary cooling unit for various types of small equipment, or as a supplemental cooler on larger vehicles to eliminate overheating issues and improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Another common use for the TK3 is for power electronics cooling on hybrid vehicles.

TK3 systems feature EMP brushless electric fans. Temperature controlled systems also feature an EMP uTMC system controller. Models are available in both 12 and 24-volts, pusher and puller configurations. Control strategy can be configured as temperature control, CAN/J1939, PWM, or On/Off. UL and CSA approved versions are available.

Front View
TK3 Chart
TK3 Schematic

Features & Benefits

EMP Brushless Electric Fan

All TK3 coolers feature EMP electric fans. EMP fans are brushless, controllable, reversible, and built from a cast aluminum shroud that can withstand even the harshest environments. Click here to learn more about EMP's fans.


Type Specification Description
Max Heat Rejection Rate 200,000 Btu/h (14V)
240,000 Btu/h (28V)
Overall Package Weight (without Fluid) 100 lbs.
Heat Exchanger Material Aluminum
Shroud Material Steel
Max Continuous Operating Temp 203° F
Min Continuous Operating Temp -40° F
Max Coolant Temp 230° F
Fan Configuration Push or Pull
Voltage 12 or 24 Volts
MAx Current (Excluding Optional Pump) 75 Amps
Max Fan Speed 4000 RPM (14V)
4600 RPM (28V)
Max Continuous Operating Pressure 20 psi
Inlet and Outlet Hose Size 2 in.
Maximum Coolant Flow Rate 100 GPM
Coolant Capacity 4.3 gal.
Control Inputs Thermistor, CAN/J1939, PWM, On/Off


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The following kit options are available for this product. Any combination of options below can be choosen to configure the kit to your needs.

Voltage Configuration
12V 24V Push Pull
Optional Approval Rating
UL-Approved CSA-Approved
On/Off PWM J1939 CAN Thermistor EMP-Link


Stationary Diesel Pump

TK3 Primary Engine Cooling

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