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CNC Machining Complex Assembly Automation Quality Processes Portfolio

With a dedicated automation team on staff, EMP develops and integrates robust automated processes to provide vital benefits to our customers. Since 2000, we have invested significantly on automation facilities. By teaming up 150+ automated CNC machines with over 50 robots, in-process inspection equipment, assembly machines, leak testers, and part washers, EMP continues to be a world leader in automated manufacturing.


  • In-house automation, tooling, fixture design and fabrication
  • Fast and accurate robotic machine tending
  • Custom in-process gaging solutions
  • Custom robotic deburring and de-chipping
  • Integrated assembly and leak testing
  • Higher Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)



  • Automation ensures the operator has optimal time to focus on quality
  • Coolant temperature monitoring prevents potential warping on high-tolerance specs
  • In-machine part probing keeps product features running at nominal
  • In-cell robotic gaging allows for real-time data collection and analysis
  • Automated tool wear offsetting between machining processes


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Our automated solutions for quality requirements go hand-in-hand with improved safety conditions for our operators.

  • Robotic parts transferring and machine tending eliminates strains, sprains, and slips on the shop floor.
  • Part-lifting cranes and manipulators reduce efforts with raw and finished products
  • Robotic deburring processes avoid common repetitive ergonomic concerns or injuries
  • Robotic blow-offs/blowouts virtually eliminates potential debris hazards

Vision System

The use of machine vision systems allows for 100% inspection of products or parts in a process, resulting in improved yields, reductions in defect rates, increased quality, lower costs, and greater consistency of process results.


Serialization in every step of the manufacturing process allows us to trace products by serial and batch number, reduce overall cost, and provides visibility within data management and product tracking.