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Testing & Validation

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EMP’s in-house testing capabilities allow for the most efficient development and validation of our high-performance components and systems.  Our capabilities cover a variety of different test strategies for the mechanical, environmental, and electrical aspects of our products.  Not only does EMP meet SAE and other industry standards, but we are able to adapt to the additional testing and performance standards of our customers.

Performance Testing

EMP’s proprietary in-house performance testing ensures that every product line we develop will perform at or above expectations.

  • Flow/pressure testing for our fans, water pumps, and oil pumps
  • Testing dyno for alternators
  • Cooling system testing with in-house calorimeter
  • End-of-line testing to ensure every product functions as designed

Durability and Endurance Testing

Our in-house testing ensures that EMP products are robust enough to last on our customers’ high-demand vehicles.

  • Ongoing, continuous testing to ensure quality maintenance of our products
  • Hot and cold performance rooms
  • Combined testing capabilities with vibration inside hot and cold environments
  • Pressure/leak testing with submersion tanks

Validation Testing

Our validation testing subjects our products to every potential scenario that may be encountered in some of the most extreme environments of the heavy-duty vehicle industry. We test to top industry specifications.

  • Software regression and random input testing
  • High pressure wash testing
  • Salt fog to replicate years of salty winter roads in a condensed timeline
  • Environmental chambers for temperature and humidity cycle testing
  • Battery simulator and electrostatic discharge to run every potential electrical issue
  • Thermal shock testing that puts a product from -40° C to 95° C in a short time, replicating the most extreme temperature changes possible around the world to ensure the circuit boards are just as durable as our mechanical components

High Voltage Testing

With EMP’s development of high voltage components and systems, we are dedicated to reliability and product safety, conforming to ISO 21498. Due to the nature of high voltage products, safety is the number one priority of our engineering team.  We are continuing to invest in updates and additional measures to provide the same integrity of testing and validation while maintaining the highest standard of safety. EMP’s high-voltage electrical safety program conforms to the requirements of NFPA 70E.

Additional Test Resources

EMP works with accredited outside testing facilities and certification agencies to ensure product compliance with worldwide product certifications and regulations.

  • E-Mark Certifications
  • UL/CSA