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Heavy-duty cooling systems and integrations customized for commercial vehicle applications.

Learn more about our custom systems and how EMP’s engineering team can find a solution for you.

Commercial High Voltage

Learn more about EMP’s electronics and motor cooling options for the growing commercial EV and high-voltage market.

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Transit's First Choice

Our custom E-fan systems were the first to market and continue to be the preferred cooling system for transit properties across North America.

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Revolutionizing Refuse

EMP is innovating engine cooling with its E-fan system, maximizing fleet uptime. Its unique electric fans outperform a traditional mechanical fan, saving fuel through reducing parasitic loads. The fully reversible fans keep radiators clean, virtually eliminating preventative maintenance.

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Custom Solutions

Every work application, and every vehicle working, has specific performance and cooling needs.  Our team of engineers will work with you to assess your needs and customize our components or systems to help you maintain optimal temperatures without sacrificing performance.

Custom Solutions