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Refuse Applications

Systems and Components


EMP has innovated engine cooling with its E-fan ’after-market’ system, maximizing fleet uptime. Its unique electric fan outperforms mechanical fans, saving fuel through reducing parasitic loads. The fully reversible fans keep radiators clean, virtually eliminating preventative maintenance.


OEM Partnerships



Electrified Cooling


  • Fully-reversible fans keep radiators clean
  • Eliminates preventative radiator maintenance
  • Reduces emissions
  • Increased horse power
  • Reduced fan noise
  • Optimized engine performance
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  • Outperforms mechanical systems
  • Brushless, DC Fans
  • Easy Install to existing radiators
  • Free diagnostic software tool
  • Military grade
  • J1939 CAN plug-in

High Voltage Future

EMP is developing high voltage cooling solutions for the refuse industry.  This include fans, water pumps, and complete thermal management systems.

Learn More about our developing high voltage solutions.

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