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Quality Processes

CNC Machining Complex Assembly Automation Quality Processes Portfolio

World-class product quality is our top priority with every piece EMP machines. Quality Assurance activities are oriented towards defect prevention through APQP activities and change management control. Quality Control activities are aimed at detecting defects in products and services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


SPC Systems – Statistical Process Control (SPC) is utilized on all customer products to control processes, manufacturing output, and ensure reliability with every customer.

  • Simulation and statistical testing capabilities, using a variety of testing processes and software.
  • All operators are involved in maintaining SPC by entering data during gaging and monitor SPC data hourly.

Gaging – The gaging lab allows for custom-made gages and fast turnaround times, and offers control and monitoring of gage packages for all part setups. It is controlled through our calibration software to ensure all internal and customer standards are maintained. EMP has also established certified gage manufacturer partnerships to ensure the highest quality.

Quality & Engineering – Team capabilities include Six Sigma, Shainin Red-x, ASQ, DOE’s, and more.

Wash & Deburr

The cleanliness of a part is one of the most vital aspects of our manufacturing process.  It not only ensures the best performance for a product, but the safety and performance of the entire system that it will be integrated into.

  • Waterjet de-burring / de-chipping machines
  • In-process robotic deburring
  • Thermal deburring
  • Ultrasonic agitation


Precision Inspection Equipment

  • Multiple Mitutoyo CMM’s with accuracy in 2 microns per axis. Statistical software monitors the product throughout the project life cycle to ensure stability during manufacturing
  • Incoming inspection equipment
    • hardness checker, burneller, etc. etc.
  • Additional precision inspection equipment used during our manufacturing process are surface finish and part geometry equipment.

Quality Equipment


Mitutoyo CRTAC 7106 CMMs
Mitutoyo BHN 706 CMM
SJ-500 Surf Tester
Precitech Form Measurement
Mitutoyo CRTAS 9108 CMM
Mitutoyo Bright 710 CMM
Surfcom 130A Surf Tester

0-1” to 15-16” OD Mics
M3x0.5 to M82 Thread gages
0.058 to 7” Plug gages
Up to 24” Height Gages
Up to 12” Dial Bore Gages
0-6” Depth Mics
0.25 to 8” Intro Mics
0.118” to 12” Ring Masters
Up to 10” OD Masters
0.118” to 6.875” Dimetron Plug Gages
Pneumatic and Electric Edmonds Trendsetter II (multiple)
PocketSurf Surf Tester (multiple)

Welch EG03/1277 115V / 60HZ Dry Vacuum Pump
Olympus 1x – 6x Powered Microscope
Olympus Eye Piece Micrometer
Sartorious H51 Analytical Balance
Precision 115v, 820w, 1ph, 6.8A Convection Oven
Electromatic Products EMUD2K Residumeter Gauss Meter