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Patents & Licenses

Custom Solutions Design & Engineering Patents & Licenses Testing & Validation
Patent NumberDescription
5,390,762Automatic Crankcase Oil Change and Makeup System
5,415,134Engine Cooling System for Cooling a Vehicle Engine
5,743,231Automatic method and apparatus for preventing wear in an Internal Combustion Engine
6,053,706Oil Pump with Integrated Oil Metering Device
6,056,518Fluid Pump
6,135,098Flow-Through Controllable Air Charger
6,349,692Method and Apparatus for Reducing Wear in an Internal Combustion Engine
6,443,006Device Which Measures Oil Level and Dielectric Strength with a Capacitance Based Sensor Using a Ratio Metric Algorithm
6,659,737Electronic Fluid Pump with an Encapsulated Stator Assembly
6,702,555Fluid Pump Having an Isolated Stator Assembly
6,736,965Auxiliary Filtration System and Filtering Method
6,951,606Auxiliary Filtration System for an Engine
7,096,830Mounting Arrangement for Electric Water Pump
7,267,086Thermal Management System for a Heat Producing System
7,343,882Fluid Valve
7,406,835Cooling System and Method for Cooling a Heat Producing System
7,412,948Fluid Valve
7,454,896Thermal Management System for a Vehicle
7,484,378Cooling System and Method for Cooling a Heat Producing System
10,596,879Cooling Fan Software – EMPrecision
11,287,783Cooling Fan Software – EMPredict
11,286,843GPS Fan Reversal