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The Smart Flow® line of brushless DC E-fans are built to withstand the harshest conditions.  Featuring a brushless DC motor and controller, these fans are fully reversible and offer a variety of control options compatible with any system or application.

What We Do

Custom Solutions

In addition to complete cooling systems EMP offers custom component solutions into customer vehicles, saving time and engineering resources to dedicate to more areas of a vehicle.

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What We Use

Smart Flow® Technology

EMP’s Smart Flow® line of products are developed to work together with any component for the most efficient performance available.  The integrated brushless DC motor controller allows for custom programming for performance, communication, control, and diagnostics. That in combination with durable construction of our oil pumps, water pumps, and fans allow them to be utilized in a variety of heavy duty markets, applications, and environments.

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Machined In-House

Our machining and automation capabilities include tolerances ranging from millionths to thousandths and low micro surface finishes to exacting standards.

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