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FiC-31 HV Fan

EMP’s Smart Flow® 31″ e-fan has been engineered to offer a high-voltage option with greater efficiencies.  Currently being integrated into several FCEV and BEV cooling applications. The robustly built brushless fans are created for use in medium and heavy-duty on-highway vehicles and are a great option for electric industrial vehicles. These fans are designed to run at a voltage range of 500 – 850V with up to 25kw of power depending on application specifications. Utilizing Smart Flow® technology, the new HV fans and components are CAN controlled to provide variable speed for precise control as well as full diagnostic capabilities.

Direct Connection to HV Batteries

The high voltage of our components allows for a direct connection to large HV vehicle batteries, eliminating the the need for large DC-to-DC converters. Due to their power and heat output, a large converter typically needs its own cooling system. Removing that converter not only eliminates its own weight and added wiring complexity, but it also removes the additional cooling system.

Brushless, permanent magnet motors are combined with EMP designed motor control electronics to provide a high efficiency, long life fan. Brushless fans have no contacting parts to wear and reduce life. Features include locked rotor protection, over temperature protection, and over current protection.

EMP fans feature die cast aluminum housings for strength, durability and improved heat transfer from the motor and electronics. This allows EMP fans to provide continuous, high output airflow performance in extreme temperature conditions.

EMP fans are fully reversible for debris removal and heat exchanger clean out. The fans can be reversed using the CAN input or they can be configured to reverse automatically at ignition on or at a timed interval. Fan reversal has been field proven in severe environments like forestry and stationary power generation to reduce or even eliminate the need for manual heat exchanger cleaning.

EMP fans can be run at any speed between the programmed minimum and maximum speed to minimize power consumption and noise. Variable speed also allows for accurate control of airflow and temperature optimization in cooling systems.

EMP fans are sealed and fully submersible for long life operation when exposed to the elements. Fans are validated to withstand submersion and direct pressure wash. EMP fans can be submerged while running without damaging the fan. The fan will simply stop rotating and continue operation once removed from the water.