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EMP’s Power series of brushless, high-amperage alternators provide remarkable performance at low speeds and idle. The Power 450™ and Power 535™ provide high efficiency and durability, proven to perform under the harshest conditions. This efficiency allows them to run cooler, achieving a longer life than competitors. These alternators have electrical noise suppression to provide clean electrical power.

Extended Life Bearings

Increase your alternator’s life dramatically as EMP’s P450 and P535 come standard with extended-life bearings.

  • Change intervals of 17,500+ hours or 3.5 years minimum
  • Up to 50% Savings on alternator maintenance
Transit Applications

Versatile Applications

The P450 and P535 began by powering EMP’s Mini-Hybrid electric cooling system, and is the first choice for Transit Authorities.

Our versatile alternators offer the most power to the highest-amperage needs from over-the-road to mining and military.

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