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P535 Alternator

The Power 535 is an air cooled, 28V high performance brushless alternator that provides 325A at engine idle. The Power 535 offers a two year warranty for aftermarket and OEM applications.

28V, 535A Brushless Alternator

The Power 535 is a 28V brushless alternator that produces 535A @ 6000 RPM, stabilized at 20°C per SAE J56. The only moving parts inside this brushless alternator are the rotor and the rotor bearings. This simple design has proven to be very durable under the harshest conditions.

The Power 535 produces an impressive 325A @ engine idle or 2000 RPM, stabilized at 20°C per SAE J56. This strong low-end performance will meet the vehicle’s electrical needs and maintain the batteries state of charge to optimize the battery life.

The Power 535’s peak efficiency is 83%. The higher the alternator efficiency means less engine horsepower is required to produce the electrical power, which results in less fuel consumption.

The Power 535 has an isolated ground. Isolated ground alternators have the alternator chassis electrically isolated from the negative power stud. Isolated ground alternators provide only one return ground path to the alternator, via the ground cable. With only one return ground path, the engine block no longer carries some of the current. This prevents stray current on the engine block, which reduces the electrical noise in the engine grounding circuit.

The Power 535 is an air-cooled alternator. The front mounted cooling fan draws in air from the rear of the alternator. The unique internal design allows for very efficient air flow and cooling to optimize performance and alternator life.

The Power 535 has a 4″ air inlet duct on the rear of the alternator. This enable the end user to attach 4″ diameter piping to the alternator and route the piping to a cooler location. Ingesting cooler air significantly prolongs the alternator life. EMP offers a full line of accessories and engineering assistance on the air intake system.

The Power 535 is a cradle mount alternator intended as a perfect drop in replacement for the Delco 50DN.

The Power 450 has extended-life bearings with proprietary, premium bearing materials to provide optimum life under the most severe applications.  This allows for change intervals of a minimum 17.500 hours or 3.5 years.

The Power 535 has an integrated noise suppression feature to filter the AC noise from the DC circuit, providing clean electrical power to the vehicle.

The Power 535 has been designed with proprietary cast aluminum alloys to prevent corrosion.

535 A @ 6000 RPM
1800 to 6500 RPM
8000 RPM
1150 RPM
-40° to 221° F
-40° to 122° F
-40° to 257° F
1.0 in. H2O
97 lbs
10.24 in. dia. x 15.6 in. long
Pad, Radius
Isolated Ground
8.5A @ 28V
158 lbs-in2
P535 Alternator Diagram
P535 Alternator Diagram