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Transit Applications

Systems and Components

EMP’s E-fan Cooling System is the original advanced cooling system that replaces the out dated mechanical cooling system for engine/vehicle cooling. Originally named the Mini-Hybrid®, this Cooling System entered the market in 2006 in the transit bus market as a concept and has become the standard thermal management system used by transit bus manufacturers in North America.

A custom EMP system is ideal for retrofitting/refurbishing existing transit fleets. Benefits include better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs, improved safety by elimination of hydraulic leaks or fires, and improved emissions.

Built to Last

Heavy Duty Construction

  • One piece welded steel shroud with patented baffle system
  • Water-proof wiring harness
  • Heavy-duty, long-life, aluminum brushless fans
  • All aluminum bar/plate heat exchanger
Here to Help

Service and Support

  • Industry leading diagnostics
  • On-site technician training across North America
  • No-cost service tool, support, software & manuals
  • Technical service, application, & engineering support
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The Software Difference

  • Gathers engine & temperature data
  • Anticipates cooling needs
  • Lowers current consumption & fan noise
  • Eliminates temperature spikes
  • Individual fan control
  • Patented baffles allow for strict air control
  • Faster cab warm-up times
  • Precisely controls fluid temperatures

Mini-Hybrid E-Fan System for Transit