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Single Stage

The OP40 and OP80 single-stage electric oil pumps are positive displacement gear pumps featuring a brushless DC motor and integrated motor drive controller. With a flow capacities up to 8 gal/min and operating pressures up to 100 psi it can handle a variety of fluid transfer applications including those for use with motor oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluids and gear lubes.

Brushless DC Motor & Drive Controller

Available with 12 VDC and 24 VDC electric motors. Brushless, permanent magnet motors are combined with EMP designed motor control electronics to provide a smart, high efficiency, long life pump. Brushless motors have no contacting parts to wear and reduce life. Features include protections against…

  • Locked rotor
  • Over temperature
  • Over current
  • Over voltage
  • Reverse battery

OP series offers best-in-class performance for flow capacity and operating pressure.  Efficient mechanical design along with proprietary software allows sub-zero cold start capability.

EMP pumps can be run at any speed between the programmed minimum and maximum speed to minimize power consumption and noise.  Variable speed can be achieved through CAN speed command or PWM input.  In the absence of CAN speed command or PWM signal the pump will run a preprogrammed default speed and operate in an on/off manner.

EMP pumps feature positive displacement gerotor type pumping elements, allowing for simpler, quieter, more compact pump design while improving performance and minimizing power loss.

EMP pumps are all 100% flow tested and incorporate internal geometry features to ensure the pump will remain wet for improved priming capability.

EMP pumps are sealed and fully submersible for long life operation when exposed to the outside environment and its elements.  The pumps are designed and have been validated to withstand submersion and direct spray pressure wash.

Oil pump heads have two sets of suction and discharge ports to offer flexible integration.

EMP pumps can be controlled manually using EMPower Connect™ Service Tool. The software on these pumps can be easily changed or updated in the field using this tool.  History data can be downloaded, which includes…

  • Hours of operation
  • Temperature data
  • Voltage data
  • Calibration information
  • Diagnostic fault codes
  • Performance data

The OP series can be utilized in a variety of functions, customized to the needs of our customers.

  • General oil transfer
  • Lubrication
  • Cooling
  • Oil scavenging
  • Oil change
  • By-pass filtration
Pump Specifications
ConstructionCast AluminumCast Aluminum
Dimensions7.0" x 5.5" x 5.5"7.0" x 5.5" x 5.5"
Weight9.5 lbs9.5 lbs
Maximum Current25 Amps25 Amps
Flow CapacityUp to 4.0 gal/minUp to 8.0 gal/min
Maximum PressureUp to 100 psiUp to 80psi
Operating Fluid Temperature32° to 212° F
(Sub-zero operation is application dependent)
32° to 212° F
(Sub-zero operation is application dependent)
Operating Ambient Temperature-40° to 203° F-40° to 203° F
Storage Temperature-58° F to 257° F-58° F to 257° F
Rated Voltage9-16 VDC
18-32 VDC
9-16 VDC
18-32 VDC
Control OptionsOn/Off
CAN J1939
CAN J1939
OP40 Performance
Single Stage OP40 Performance Diagram
OP80 Performance
Single Stage OP80 Performance Diagram
Single Stage OP40 Diagram
Single Stage OP40 Diagram
Single Stage OP40 Diagram
Single Stage OP80 Diagram
Single Stage OP80 Diagram
Single Stage OP80 Diagram